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Water hygiene

Top water quality for your home – the Solenal domestic water connection for germ and legionella-free tap water

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Disinfection reconsidered – discover Solenal for the household and on the move.

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Air disinfection

Solenal d.tec air - the patented air disinfection system for buildings and rooms with central ventilation system or ventilation technology

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Sustainable disinfection

What is Solenal?

Solenal is a mineral solution and is produced from water and salt using patented electrolysis and a hydraulic scheme. Thanks to the purely ecological ingredients, disinfection with Solenal is highly effective, yet sustainable and environmentally friendly. Solenal works immediately and reliably removes bacteria, viruses, fungi, germs and other pests from surfaces, hands, rooms and even tap water.

Hand and surface disinfection, 250 ml
(2,38 / 100ml) incl. tax.
Shoe disinfection, 250 ml
(2,38 / 100ml) incl. tax.

highly efficient & environmentally friendly

How does Solenal work?

The disinfecting component of our solution is hypochlorous acid (not to be confused with toxic chlorine), which is also produced by our immune system in the monocytes. It ruptures the cell membrane of viruses, bacteria etc. and oxidises them. This way, germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria are reliably and permanently destroyed within seconds. No resistances are formed against Solenal.