Frequently asked Questions

Does Solenal protect from coronaviruses?

According to the submitted virological tests, the IBFZ confirms its effectiveness against coronaviruses by Solenal based on the European standards EN 14476 and EN 16777.

Why is the smell of Solenal similar to that of a ‚swimming pool‘ / chlorine when applied or sprayed on?

When Solenal develops its effect and destroys germs, bacteria or viruses, the mineral salt ‚chloride‘ is released. Chloride is, chemically speaking, a component of common salt. It is exactly this salt that we use for cooking or sprinkling onto the egg we have for breakfast. If we now breathe in this salt component, or tiny particles of it when we use Solenal, it reacts with urea, which protects the mucous membranes in our nose. The combination of the two substances results in the distinctive smell, which reminds us of ‚swimming pools‘ which we automatically associate with chlorine. By the way: Chlorine, which is toxic to humans is actually odourless.

What are legionella?

Legionella are rod-shaped bacteria living in water. They mainly multiply in warm and hot water systems as well as in cold water pipes above 25°C. Legionella are sources of infection that pose a health hazard, with symptoms in humans ranging from flu-like illnesses to severe pneumonia. In Germany alone, tens of thousands of people fall ill and die from them every year.
To this day, outbreaks and diseases caused by legionella cannot be efficiently prevented because guidelines and directives are no longer up to date.
Studies have shown that legionella does not as previously assumed develop at a low temperature of 45 °C; but rather multiplies particularly rapidly in the high temperature range of 50 °C to 60 °C. Contrary to common belief, legionella does not die at high temperatures either, but instead, it enters into a kind of 'stiffness' and simply does not reproduce any further.
According to studies, legionella survive temperatures up to 120 °C.

What is a biofilm?

Biofilms are communities of bacteria, algae or fungi. They consist of a kind of slime layer, which is intensively colonised by microorganisms.

This layer of slime attaches itself to the surface of water pipes, tubes, reservoirs and tanks. Biofilms multiply constantly, whereby the microbial growth can result in both material and functional impairment of technical equipment.
The layer of slime of a biofilm cannot be removed by vigorous rinsing and it is resistant to chemical disinfectant solutions or UV radiation. The development of biofilms must be effectively inhibited and permanently eliminated at an early stage.

What is Solenal?

Solenal is a mineral solution and is produced from water and salt using a patented electrolysis and a hydraulic scheme. Disinfection with Solenal is highly effective, yet also sustainable and environmentally friendly thanks to the sustainable ingredients. Solenal works immediately and reliably removes bacteria, viruses, fungi or other micro-organisms from surfaces, hands, rooms and tap water. Unlike conventional disinfectants, Solenal works without chemical ingredients or alcohol (hand disinfection 0,01% C2H5OH (Ethanol)). Solenal contains no preservatives. Good compatibility with skin has been dermatologically confirmed. Thanks to its sustainable ingredients, Solenal has been awarded the BIOzert seal. Solenal products are easy to use and become effective within a few seconds. Solenal leaves no residues and after use, it simply breaks down into its components water and salt. The fields in which Solenal can be used are extremely versatile: SFolenal can be used to disinfect surfaces or shoes, it can be used around the house or when you are on the move, and it can also be used for disinfecting water or rooms. Thanks to the composition of the solution, Solenal can even be sprayed directly into the mouth or onto mucous membranes. For example, during the flu season, it successfully kills germs and viruses in the throat, nose or ears. In addition, Solenal ProLine is a separate line of products for disinfection in the professional sector: From surfaces to appliances and washrooms/toilets, suitable products are offered for a wide range of industries.

How does Solenal work?

The disinfecting component of our solution is hypochlorous acid (not to be confused with toxic chlorine), which is also produced by our immune system in the monocytes. It ruptures the outer membrane of viruses, bacteria etc. and oxidises them. This way, germs, fungi and viruses are reliably and permanently destroyed within seconds. This effect is unique among disinfection solutions on the market. This is because common agents only „anaesthetise“ germs and viruses, making them harmless, but not removing them completely.
No resistances are formed against Solenal.

Are the face masks tested?

Yes, our medical face masks fulfil the requirements of EN 14683 for type I and II masks. This was proven by test results of Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co. KG .