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Germ-free tap water – safety for your family

Protect yourself and your family with Solenal's highly efficient water disinfection solution.

As a rule, we do not worry about where water comes from or how it is treated. However, tap water contains unsuspected dangers. Countless bacteria are transported and distributed via our drinking water network. They settle in the domestic water pipes and form biofilm in the pipes.

Your water – your pleasure – your quality of life

Whether cooking or showering: Use your water every day, without a care in the world, and the annoying carrying of heavy crates of drinks is history. Thanks to Solenal you always have best quality drinking water at hand - simply turn on the tap and enjoy.

Solenal water disinfection protects your water throughout the house from all kinds of germs and permanently frees water pipes of bacteria, viruses, fungi, legionella and biofilm. With the Solenal DoSys fully automatic drinking water dosing system, the disinfectant is injected at a central point behind the connection to the house and its disinfecting effect immediately develops in all water pipes. Germs, bacteria, legionella and harmful biofilm are safely and permanently eliminated. Oxidisable residues such as antibiotics, hormones, drugs and medicines are also completely eliminated.
Enjoy water directly from the tap – without risk. This saves time, protects the environment and is good for your health.

Tip: For sparkling drinking pleasure, use one of the numerous offers provided by established manufacturers of drinking water soda makers and simply add carbon dioxide to your treated water.


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What are legionella?

Legionella are rod-shaped bacteria living in water. They mainly multiply in warm and hot water systems as well as in cold water pipes above 25°C.

Legionella are sources of infection that pose a health hazard, with symptoms in humans ranging from flu-like illnesses to severe pneumonia. In Germany alone, tens of thousands of people fall ill and die from them every year.
To this day, outbreaks and diseases caused by legionella cannot be efficiently prevented because guidelines and directives are no longer up to date.
Studies have shown that legionella does not as previously assumed develop at a low temperature of 45 °C; but rather multiplies particularly rapidly in the high temperature range of 50 °C to 60 °C. Contrary to common belief, legionella does not die at high temperatures either, but instead, it enters into a kind of 'stiffness' and simply does not reproduce any further.
According to studies, legionella survive temperatures up to 120 °C.


What is a biofilm?

Biofilms are communities of bacteria, algae or fungi. They consist of a kind of slime layer, which is intensively colonised by microorganisms.

This layer of slime attaches itself to the surface of water pipes, tubes, reservoirs and tanks. Biofilms multiply constantly, whereby the microbial growth can result in both material and functional impairment of technical equipment.
The layer of slime of a biofilm cannot be removed by vigorous rinsing and it is resistant to chemical disinfectant solutions or UV radiation. The development of biofilms must be effectively inhibited and permanently eliminated at an early stage.